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Bernard Flaherty
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Bernard Flaherty
Environmetal Consultant

Over 16 years leading, building, designing, developing, evaluating, delivering and consulting in organizational and professional development in the United States and internationally.

Bernard is skilled in: Working with and across all levels. Silo reduction. Identification and incorporation of best practices. Leadership and staff development. Performance consulting. Needs assessments. Gap analyses. Training evaluation. Business policy, procedure and process development. Curriculum design and development. Synchronous and asynchronous e-learning. Use of EPSS. Content reusability. Application of Adult Learning principles and methods. Management coaching and mentoring. Budgeting and cost containment. Vendor management. Product training. Program and Project management. ROI metrics. Blended solutions. LMS selection and management. Knowledge transfer. Managing expectations. Managing virtual teams. Supporting a matrixed environment. Use of training as a change agent.

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Bernard Flaherty

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